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April, 2017

5.1 Introduction

This section of the Telestroke Toolkit focuses on the implementation of a telestroke program. This Section will assist in planning and preparation for activation of a new telestroke program along any stage of the continuum of care, and once readiness and commitment by an organization has been confirmed and the technical infrastructure operational.

Implementation requires a well organized, approach that includes all stakeholders who are engaged in the telestroke road map that will ensure success and confidence to be able to “go live” as a telestroke program. Included in this section are key tools that can be utilized to facilitate and guide the implementation planning and preparation for launch of a telestroke program. Tools include: a Telestroke Roadmap which outlines key requirements related to Telestroke service, Clinical Readiness, governance, technology and telehealth planning. Clinical Checklists which detail key components of both scheduled and on-demand telestroke services are included and should be used as guides to confirm all key elements are in place. The Telestroke Clinical Workflow Map outlines the various steps in Emergency Department acute stroke management. The Telestroke ED Protocol is a detailed example of the steps of acute stroke management using telestroke. A Telestroke Education plan is a sample developed to assist the key individuals/champions in the ED overseeing the implementation of Telestroke and provides an indication of the breadth of education and the steps required. Similar educational tools for scheduled telestroke consultations are in development and will be added to the toolkit as they become available. Telestroke Training Case study is provided to also support education activities for clinicians. A Mock Consult plan has been provided that can be used to consolidate planning and education for the Telestroke program, and help identify areas requiring further attention prior to the launch of the program.

This section of the toolkit also includes sample templates on topics such as new site eligibility screening and a new site readiness template that can be adapted to reflect the local organization and used as a component of identification of new Telestroke sites. These templates have been provided by established telestroke programs across Canada, and we encourage all users of this toolkit to submit the tools, educational materials and other resources developed for telestroke so this toolkit can continue to be enhanced. Kindly submit all resources you wish to share to strokebestpractices@hsf.ca.

Table of Contents

5.1 Introduction
slot online มือถือ5.2 Telestroke Program Roadmap
5.3 Telestroke Checklists
5.4 Telestroke Clinical Workflow Maps
5.5 Telestroke log sheet NEW
5.6 Telestroke implementation presentation NEW
5.7 Referring Site application NEW
5.8 Telestroke Education Plan
5.9 Hyperacute and telehealth sample professional education plan NEW
5.10 Telestroke Training Case Study
5.11 Telestroke Referring Physician Competencies
5.12 Telestroke ED Protocol Sample
5.13 Telestroke Mock Consult Plan Updated
5.14 Telestroke Mock Consultation Plan NEW