Traditional Medicinal Packaging – Chinese Herb Branding Takes Cues from Customary Containers (

( The group of designers behind this Chinese herb packaging has worked to cleverly bring Chinese medicine into the modern era. While there is no shortage of global patients who trust the expertise of…
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Canteen Pill Packaging – This Water Bottle Pill Package Makes Carrying Medication Convenient (

( Consumers have come to see more creative concepts for medicinal packaging, and this water bottle pill bottle is one prime example. The project by Anna Shkarina of Moscow, Russia proposes a way to…
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Palm Tree Packaging – This Coconut Yoghurt Brand Got an Endearing Illustrated Makeover (

( The look of this new coconut yoghurt packaging is as objectively cute as can be, and it reflects the way in which consumers see this brand of dairy-free health food. Those with lactose intolerance…
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Deep Tissue Massage Seats – The Human Touch Novo XT Massage Chair Relaxes from Head to Toe (

( Most people don’t have time to take out of their busy schedule for a day at the spa to relax and unwind, so the Human Touch Novo XT Massage Chair is designed as a means of offering a deep…
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All-Encompassing Health Data Platforms – Human API Can Analyze Clinical Date in Real Time (

( Human API is a platform that analyzes clinical and health-related data, and is able to give users actionable information and takeaways that improve various medical practices and processes.

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On-Demand Massage Services – 'Soothe' Will Send a Five-Star Masseuse to Your Home or Office (

( ‘Soothe’ is an on-demand massage service that offers spa-quality experiences, all from the comfort of one’s home.

Through an accompanied app, Soothe will deliver a registered…
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Top 25 Fitness Ideas in August – From Moisture-Controlling Apparel to Connected Workout Staffs (

( As the August 2017 fitness trends reveal, many consumers are taking advantage of the summer season to up their fitness game. Whether it is apparel that makes working out a more comfortable experience,…
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Precooked Cauliflower Crusts – Cali'flour's Cauliflower Pizza Crust is a Versatile Meal Base (

( Cali’flour’s Original Italian Cauliflower Pizza Crust is a precooked crust base that is made with just four simple ingredients: cauliflower, cheese, eggs and spices.

The pizza crust…
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Rodeo-Style Workout Machines – This Home Fitness Machine Resembles a Small-Scale Mechanical Bull (

( In Japan, Daito Thrive recently launched a unique home fitness machine inspired by the all-American mechanical bull.

The Rodeo Boy Exercise Fitness Machine resembles a saddle, which users may sit…
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Matcha Vegan Soft Serve – 'The Juice Truck' Makes Soft Serve from Cashew Milk and Raw Vanilla (

( The Yaletown location of ‘The Juice Truck’ in Vancouver, Canada, will now serve seasonal matcha vegan soft serve ice cream.

The plant-based eatery has started to serve vegan soft serve…
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