Top 25 Fitness Ideas in June – From Communal Leak-Proof Workout Shorts to Athletic Beauty Kits (

( As the 2017 fitness trends reveal, exercise accessories are now just as important to a fun and successful workout as gym equipment itself.

For women, fitness accessories have moved beyond sports…
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Lung-Monitoring Vests – The 'Sensivest' Remotely Monitors Patients' Lungs Using Radar (

( Designed by Israel-based company Sensible Medical, The Sensivest is a wearable tech-infused vest that’s preventing post-surgery complications in out-patients.

People who have suffered heart…
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Top 35 Wearable Tech Trends in June – From Colorful LED Eyelashes to Wearable Cooling Fans (

( June 2017 wearable tech innovations take the form of everything from smart wristbands and sunglasses to sneakers, all of which have the potential to add an extra level of insight to one’s day-…
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Inflammation-Eliminating Sleeves – The Mava Sports Knee Compression Sleeve Relieves Stiffness (

( Performing squats or other exercises that put intense stress on the knees can be made better with the Mava Sports Knee Compression Sleeve in order to help alleviate some of the issues that can…
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Professional-Grade Muscle Massagers – The 'TheraGun' Works Out Tight Muscles for Athletes (

( Tight muscles can be a pain as well as a problem that could affect performance, so the ‘TheraGun’ muscle massager is intended to provide athletes with a way to work out tightness and…
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Custom Medication Delivery Services – 'Pill Pack' Labels, Organizes and Delivers Your Meds (

( Getting a prescription filled each month often requires heading to your pharmacy or having them deliver it, but ‘Pill Pack’ offers a different kind of customized medication delivery to…
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