Deep Tissue Massage Seats – The Human Touch Novo XT Massage Chair Relaxes from Head to Toe (

( Most people don’t have time to take out of their busy schedule for a day at the spa to relax and unwind, so the Human Touch Novo XT Massage Chair is designed as a means of offering a deep…
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All-Encompassing Health Data Platforms – Human API Can Analyze Clinical Date in Real Time (

( Human API is a platform that analyzes clinical and health-related data, and is able to give users actionable information and takeaways that improve various medical practices and processes.

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On-Demand Massage Services – 'Soothe' Will Send a Five-Star Masseuse to Your Home or Office (

( ‘Soothe’ is an on-demand massage service that offers spa-quality experiences, all from the comfort of one’s home.

Through an accompanied app, Soothe will deliver a registered…
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